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My Story

I am a passionate, driven, energised leader & coach, with an innate talent for inspiring, connecting, and serving others. I see the unique potential in everyone. I love working with successful passionate leaders, so they can have the impact on the world, their teams and lives, that they really want to have. I enable leaders to reach their full and true potential.

I have worked as a Senior Leader in business for 20 years, and have also transitioned from the corporate world into creating and running my own business. This invaluable experience allows me serve and coach others powerfully and empathetically.

I understand what it is like to be 'stuck' and 'lost and shut down', I also know what it is like to be afraid of how powerful you can be and the fear of being perceived as arrogant.

The bright energy I bring to all coaching relationships allows transformation to truly happen.

If you would like to work with me to create the future you want then please get in touch.

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Free 1:1 Coaching Experience Sessions 

Team Coaching - Assessments & 6 month Team Coaching

  • What do you really want from your job, your career, your life? Experience the power of coaching first hand.

  • Increase Team Performance by 20% or more through Team Assessment and Coaching 

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'I have been working on my personal recovery was a very empowering thing to do, so thanks for the inspiration, and the firmness about looking after myself and being kind and gentle to myself'

'The sessions we have had have been incredible and really challenged me to re-evaluate my priorities'

Caroline, Cheshire, UK

Lola, Aberdeen, UK

'Coaching with Claire has helped me to realise my own potential by pushing me to answer challenging questions about myself while taking the time to learn from failure and celebrate my success. Claire really helped me to grow and address areas of self-awareness and I am also extremely grateful for her support during a period of personal difficulty.'

"Claire has been coaching me for
13 months, and it has really made a difference to my perspective on myself and my work. Her engaging and ebullient style, backed up by useful visualisation and practical activities, helped me to realise what was important for me to focus on and how to achieve my goals (and remember to celebrate my successes). I am now much better at putting myself first, supporting myself through difficult periods and achieving my ‘impossible’ tasks. I am also more aware of the “saboteurs” that can knock me off track. Thanks to Claire, I feel much more confident and resilient going forwards."

Tom, Edinburgh, UK

Dave, Aberdeen

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is present and future focused. It is for individuals who want more from their life, career, relationships. Do you have a dream - coaching can help you get there.

Why Bright Catalyst?

Its my company name because I believe a great coach asks powerful questions & the coachee has the answers. I see myself as a Catalyst, serving others to change and transform. I love bright, strong rainbow colours too.

Who do I work with?

Coaching is a relationship, we both need to get on and get on well. I love people who are passionate and driven and who want more from their lives, if that is you, then get in touch

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